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Centralized vs Decentralized Metaverse: Why the World Needs Shihtzu Exchange

When Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta, it stirred up a flurry of interest in the metaverse. All of a sudden, our beloved idea of an all-encompassing digital universe went mainstream and become the buzzword of the tech world.

The effects weren’t limited to the world of traditional finance either, as crypto tokens and projects related to metaverse enjoyed a massive upshot in value.

While we’re happy to see trillion-dollar megacorporation's take interest in this space, does that mean we should settle for a centralized metaverse? Is giving up decentralization in return for corporate investments really a fair tradeoff?

As we’re about to see, trying to centralize the limitless potential of the metaverse in the hands of a few corporations is undoubtedly a bad idea.

3 Reasons Centralizing the Metaverse Will Be a Huge Mistake

Taking the endless power of the metaverse and putting it in the hands of a single or a handful of corporate entities is an undeniable mistake. Let’s look at three of the biggest ramifications.

1. Privacy Issues

Let’s start with the obvious. Facebook and Google are already tracking all our movements online. The articles you read, the social influencers you interact with, the videos you watch, and the listicles you binge, everything is tracked and fed into a database.

All of this is done to enable their advertisers to coerce you into buying products you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Now imagine what will happen when we move from the two-dimensional world of web 2.0 to the three-dimensional world of the metaverse. All of a sudden, these entities can track what you’re looking at, who you’re hanging out with, what you’re talking about, and so much more. They can predict when you’re sad and try to sell you fast-food, ice cream, and other unhealthy foods.

This lack of privacy can also influence people’s voting decisions significantly, unlike anything we’ve seen to date.

2. Limited Freedom

The company that owns the centralized metaverse will own everything within it. As such, they can censor, shadow ban, or outright ban anyone who doesn’t agree with their idea of what’s right and what’s not.

Let’s look at an example. Before digital games became popular, people used to go to game stores and buy physical CDs of their favorite titles. This gave them full ownership of the game as no one could take it away from them. People could even share their games with friends or rent them out to strangers.

Then centralized gaming platforms emerged and pushed physical gaming stores out of the picture. Steam, the premier PC gaming platform, is a perfect example of this. When you buy games on Steam, you’re only buying access to the game, not ownership.

Steam can and will ban your account whenever it wants. When they do that, you’ll instantly lose access to all the games and in-game items you bought with your hard-earned money. This is possible because, again, Steam owns the game and the platform while selling you access only.

We’ve seen countless examples of users who lost thousands of dollars worth of items because Steam banned them for one reason or another. Can you imagine how much more damage a centralized metaverse will inflict?

3. Conflict of Interests

If we centralize the metaverse, then every aspect of the digital world will be biased in favor of the entity that owns it. We cannot hand all the power to a single group of people and pray that they won’t abuse their powers. They almost certainly will.

As a result, a centralized metaverse will always have a conflict of interest. Everything will be designed to favor the vested corporate interests of the entity that owns it, while the end-users (people like yourself) will be underrepresented and outright oppressed in some cases.

We’ve already covered examples of how these conflicts of interest will harm the end-users. Centralizing the metaverse will open the doors to surveillance, data mining and selling, censorship, biased treatment, and outright banning of anyone daring to go against the proposed narratives of the centralized entity.

A Decentralized Metaverse is a Democratic Metaverse

At Shihtzu Exchange, we strongly believe in creating a people-first metaverse where everyone is treated fairly and equally. We want to democratize this entire ecosystem by giving power to the people, our beloved community.

Shihtzu is achieving this by creating an open and transparent metaverse with powerful NFT mechanisms embedded within it so everything is like an open book that anybody can read.

In fact, that’s a realistic analogy of how our blockchain-powered applications work. Everything is out in the open and anyone with the technical expertise can read our codes and see what’s happening under the hood.

Furthermore, everything on our platform will be powered by $STZU token, so there’s no room for centralized currencies in our ecosystem. Everything is designed to give control to our community.

With Shihtzu, you’ll never have to worry about issues regarding privacy, ownership, or conflict of interest.

We’ll never collect data from our metaverse to sell it off to the highest bidding advertisers as our centralized competitors do. Our decentralized technology makes sure that we cannot treat users unfairly, as all the ownership is managed by the blockchain software applications and not our team. Once you own something on the Shihtzu Exchange, you own it for life. No one will ever be able to censor or ban you. It’s simply impossible.

Furthermore, the decentralization aspect ensures that the platform will put your needs and priorities above our own. We’ll never implement something to favor our team at the expense of our beloved community.

As metaverse moves towards becoming a $1.5+ trillion technology by 2030, we’re here to speed things up, bring innovations to the masses, and help our community profit from this the internet of tomorrow.

Come join us by visiting our official website and exploring the links below:

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