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Shihtzu Price Increase ALERT

 Shihtzu Price Increase ALERT

It Just Went Up From $0.0000005050 to $0.0000005067


Unless you like loosing money , I recommend you to go here , create

your FREE account ASAP and grab your Shihtzu tokens


$500 approx gets u a billion tokens


If it hits even $0.0001 thats $500 becoming a million $$$


nothing is guaranteed but high probability-


Here Are Shihtzu Metaverse Meme Nft Coin Price Predictions


· $500 = 1 Billion Tokens At Launch Price Of $0.00000050 


· If 1 Zero Removed : $500 Makes You $5000


· If 2 Zeros Removed : $500 Makes You $50,000


· If 3 Zeros Removed : $500 Is $500k ( Highly Possible )


· If 4 Zeros Removed : $500 Is $5 Million ( In Shiba People Have Done This )


· If 5 Zeros Removed : $500 Is $50 Million ( Also Beem Done Before In Shiba )


· If 6 Zeros Removed : $500 is $500 Million ( Also Been Done Before In Shiba )


· If Price Touches $5 : $500 Is $5 Billion :


Also Been Done Before


Verified News : Someone Turned $2500 Into A Billion $$$ With Shiba


In 2 Weeks Shihtzu Is On Yahoo News , NewsBtc , Burj Khalifa , Amazon Music , Bitcoinist And 100s Of Other Publications plus lot of celebrities including miss Israel ,


This Is Just The Start : Shortly Shihtzu NFTs , Shihtzu Metaverse Games , Massive Pr Across


Time To Become Millionaires , MultiMillionaires And Billionaires With Shihtzu 


Get Started Here :


Once Inside Go To Deposit And Purchase : Min $50 To Max $25,000





Whole internet is buzzing about Shihtzu as experts are predicting that Shihtzu can be easily next shiba which means almost 70x to 100x from its launch price of $0.00000050


You can simply grab the coins and see its price go up every hour and enjoy the staking rewards of 5 to 15 % a month or you can also build a team where everyone who buys coin with ur links - you can override handsome referral commissions of upto $10k/day or more


This is the easiest opportunity for 2022 and we will crush it


Get started ASAP by clicking here


P.S.S Thanks for checking out my earlier email on urgent FB post regarding a potential 10,000x metaverse coin


My facebook is exploding and its already over 1,000+ comments in few hours


FB makes it impossible to text more than 100 people and hence I am senidng you full details here on email so you can read all info and get in early



Name Of Coin : Shihtzu Exchange 


You can register for FREE right away and claim your ICO allocation 


Links To Participate :


When u purchase coins , they are automatically staked for 9 to 18 months ( as per ur choice ) with monthly staking rewards of 5 % to 17 % based on staking timelines and your package 


You can also participate in the affiliate offer where u can earn handsome commissions of upto $10k/day when your referrals down upto 12 levels decide to participate in ICO 


Shihtzu Exchange Coin was recently featured in Burj Khalifa and top celebrities in the world are calling it as The Potential Next shiba as its a meme coin with power of metaverse plus nfts 


Shiba Coin till now has done over 100,000x and helped turn few of its early buyers into millionaires with investment of just few hundred dollars into millions 


Example : This Dad who became a Shiba Inu millionaire in just six months from a risky $8,000 bet


Now he has retired at the age of 35


We expect similar things to happen here


People are calling Shihtzu as the next Shiba as their tagline is 


“Every Shiba Needs A Shihtzu“ 


with shiba being a male dominant species in dogs and Shihtzu being a female species


With Starting price of $0.00000050 , If one shihtzu equals price of shiba thats a potential 70x return at current prices of Shiba 


Important Links : 


Link To Participate In ICO :


Telegram Channel Of Shihtzu Exchange :


Telegram Group :

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