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Time to Celebrate 2021 and Prepare for an Amazing 2022! πŸš€

2021 has been an incredible year and BTC & GMC both set new ATH and the crypto industry moved from focus on DeFi and NFTs into Metaverse 2022! πŸ’œ

year 2021 has been an incredible year with the GokuMarket Community. Bitcoin and GMC both set new all time highs and the crypto industry moved into focus on DeFi and NFTs, while entering into 2022 our eyes are set on the Metaverse.

During 2021, together we have achieved much more than we could have imagined:
πŸ‘‰ 925,000+ Community Growth by +150% from 370k+ to 925k+
πŸ‘‰ 65+ Crypto trading pairs listed
πŸ‘‰ $25+ Billion in trading volume achieved
πŸ‘‰ GokuMarket became a European-licensed exchange & wallet provider with Euro support
πŸ‘‰ Compliance integration with Sumsub for KYC
πŸ‘‰ Free transfer of cryptos using mobile numbers in the GokuMarket Wallet
πŸ‘‰ GokuMarket Exchange launched Advanced Trading
πŸ‘‰ GokuMarket Exchange Top 40 Ranked on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
πŸ‘‰ GokuMarket Women in Blockchain Campaign initiated
πŸ‘‰ GokuMarket Launched with E-commerce & 500,000+ products in 20+ countries offering Bitcoin & GMC Cashback on purchases
πŸ‘‰ GokuMarket launched new homepage & GokuMarket Credit page with GMC Vault staking
πŸ‘‰ First one of more to come Pre-Launch products started: AI Bot + GMC DeFi
πŸ‘‰ GokuMarket integrated with Mudrex to offer AutoBots Marketplace
…and the list goes on!

πŸ“£ Amazing 2022 πŸ”₯ GokuMarket Metaverse ✅

Entering into 2022, we have so much to look forward to and continue to achieve. Below are a few examples:
πŸ’œ GokuMarket Guild for Metaverse enabling multiple games integration. Additionally, Metaverse will be part of the Pre-launch program with early access by invitation only.
πŸ’œ GokuMarket LaunchPad 2.0 with governance based coin listing.
πŸ’œ GokuMarket DEX on BEP20, Ethereum and Polygon.
πŸ’œ Binance & GokuMarket partnership enables free transfer between both platforms. Additionally this enables all coins/tokens available on Binance to be available on GokuMarket.
πŸ’œ NFT marketplace in partnership with content creators, celebrities and influencers as part of GokuMarket Guild for Metaverse.
πŸ’œ New Look in the Mobile App with a better user experience.
πŸ’œ Visa card in partnership with Crypterium to issue the GokuMarket debit card.
πŸ’œ GokuMarket Labs launching in Switzerland.
…and the list goes on!

πŸ“± New Mobile App Look Coming Soon πŸ‘‹

As we continue to grow and achieve success for many years to come, we will make adjustments to sustain along the journey. Starting today, we will make some initial adjustments to reassure our community that GokuMarket is planning for the long term.

The first areas of adjustments to the ecosystem will be related to GMC and the Unlocking Program. When you first joined GokuMarket, the Unlocking Program was not available. After a few months of watching it take shape we have seen many positive results with 1000s of GokuMarket Community Members starting to learn and trade cryptocurrencies. We would like to continue to encourage such users and reward their loyalty towards GMC as early adopters.

Changes made include:
✅ first, the 2.5 years time limit for the GMC Unlocking Program will be removed and instead controlled by the amount of GMC allowed to be unlocked on a daily basis to support the supply and demand of GMC in a more bullish way.
✅ second, moving the Periodic Unlocking (20%) into the Volume Unlocking,
✅ third, each individual trade can maximum unlock 10 GMC per trade transaction,
✅ fourth, each trading pair that is part of the unlocking program can maximum unlock 20 GMC per day,
✅ fifth, each user will have a maximum daily unlocking limit of 100 GMC per day and this amount will be flexible and evaluated and adjusted from time to time based on the supply and demand of GMC in the open market. For example, the more GMC we collectively stake in the GMC Vault and HODL, then less circulating supply and the greater the opportunity for GMC to set new all time highs over and over again as we continue to share the benefits and build our community bigger and stronger together.

Again, we want to continue to benefit the 1000s of new cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are learning about trading and its benefits based on being early adopters and supporters of GMC.

To encourage users to use the Classic and Advanced trading, GMC will temporarily be removed from Instant Trading.

With these and many more developments we will announce during 2022, such new features will contribute towards assuring that all areas of the ecosystem continue to deliver great results, which were made possible by the rapid growth of the GokuMarket Community.

We ask for your understanding as we make the transition to the next stage of GokuMarket in 2022.

Your continued enthusiasm for GokuMarket and sharing the benefits of GokuMarket will be greatly appreciated.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🧧

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