Shao Bank has just unveiled 6 new groundbreaking series of bonds as of 07.12.2023.

December 7th, 2023 / ShaoBank 🔔 Exciting Announcement! 🚀

🏦 Shao Bank has just unveiled 6 new groundbreaking series of bonds as of 07.12.2023. Explore the opportunities:

🌐 These bonds, each with a 10-year tenure, offer dividends every 7 days and serve as vital financial instruments to fuel the operations of Global Future Technology & Culture. The capital raised will drive the modernization of our chip and electronic board production plant, expanding our horizons and, in turn, boosting turnover and profits. Signup Shaobank 

💠 Shao Bank invests in innovative chip plant - Presentation Global Future Technology | English:

📊 Bond Series: AA 1
Daily Yield: 0.45%
Minimum Purchase: 400 HKD

📊 Bond Series: AA 2
Daily Yield: 0.55%
Minimum Purchase: 2000 HKD

📊 Bond Series: AA 3
Daily Yield: 0.65%
Minimum Purchase: 8000 HKD

📊 Bond Series: AA 4
Daily Yield: 0.75%
Minimum Purchase: 40,000 HKD

📊 Bond Series: AA 5
Daily Yield: 0.85%
Minimum Purchase: 80,000 HKD

📊 Bond Series: AA 6
Daily Yield: 0.95%
Minimum Purchase: 400,000 HKD

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🔔 Act fast! The new bonds are in limited supply, and the sale will continue until 07.02.2024. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Learn more about Shao Bank bonds:

🏦 Best Wishes from Shao Bank!

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