(WEENZEE)The international community, connecting millions of people in order to manage the cryptocurrency market

Now it is the time for the Bold Projects that can turn the market inside out and radically change the world order!

Concentrating the Assets of millions of users around the world to influence the Trends and quotation levels of Key Cryptocurrencies 
will achieve Multiple Profits and Financial Independence.

The Expanded Geography of the organization contributes to the impact on the market simultaneously in different countries.

Weenzee’s Success Formula consists of a set of 3 simple components:
1) Strong Team of Professionals
2) Unique Innovative Artificial Intelligence, Weenzee AI
3) World Like-minded Community

Advantages of the Weenzee System:
    Neural Network Robotic Interactive Bots
    Multicurrency wallet 
    Most popular cryptocurrencies 
    USD to simplify work with fiat funds
    Internal register “Weenzee Explorer”. Comfortable purchasing of WNZ units from Official Representatives
    A unique Investment Program:
    Early Closing Portfolio option 
    the exceptional % when you increase your partner level
    Daily Deposit Profit Bonus 
    A flexible Affiliate Program for the greatest success:
                - 22% of additional profit
                - 8 levels deep 
                - 8 career levels up

The System offers:
5 options for investment periods 10 currency options.

The Best Investment Option: Portfolio WZN / 90 days

An Ideal percentage correction provides the maximum result of the income in relation to the time of the portfolio.

By investing in WNZ for a period of 90 days you get these advantages:
plus 15% to the daily accruals for using WNZ;
plus 10% to the daily accruals for the choice of the given Portfolio period;
- the opportunity of Early Closing Portfolio after the 60th day.

The Weenzee system daily encourages its partners and investors for their work in expanding the Leadership Network
When the User Status increases, the daily bonus in the “Weenzee” Status will give you:

    - up to 22% from the deposits of 8 levels of your downline referral partners
    - up to 13% from profits of 8 levels of your downline referral partners
    - plus 20% to the daily accrual on your deposit (Bonus “For YOUR Status”).

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