Bitcoin is the most popular search term on China's biggest search engine

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Chepicap recently reported that Bitcoin was one of the most trending search terms on Google during its recent price surge. It appears as if this wasn’t limited to just the western hemisphere and Bitcoin has topped China’s equivalent of Google as well.
Due to the recent price surge, tops today's Baidu hottest emerging keywords. (Baidu is like China's Google)
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After months of stagnation around $3,200, Bitcoin saw an astronomical leap to $5,000. This unexpected and sudden leap has reinvigorated interest in the apex cryptocurrency, and it’s no different in the massive Chinese market.
China has traditionally taken a rather tough stance on cryptocurrencies, outright banning ICOs in 2017 and imposing strict regulations on trading.
However, according to Baidu, China’s Google, interest in Bitcoin is now three times that of any other commodity with 9,715 versus second place which has 2,236. Additionally, during a recent interviewwith Bloomberg, BitPay’s Chief Commercial Officer, Sonny Singh commented on Bitcoin’s rising popularity outside of the US, stating “A lot of times these price spikes seem to happen late night in America, early morning in Europe but always midday in Asia … Bitcoin truly does trade 24/7 around the world.”

 “In America," he added, "most people just use it for speculation but outside, Bitcoin is really catching on fast."