Where will XRP be 5 years from now? Hopes and dreams of the XRP community

Ripple is most definitely one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies in the cryptoverse, but today we will let some of the XRP community members do all the talking. Let's take a look where they think XRP will be 5 years from now.
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The third most popular cryptocurrency, XRP, has seen a phenomenal rise to the top of the cryptocurrency charts, rivaling projects such as Litecoin and Ethereum for the past several years.
XRP touched its all-time high of $3.80 in the first week of 2018, making it the second largest cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of over $140 billion. Of course, this was at a time when the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies had crossed $713 billion.
However, Ripple´s XRP, hasn't been performing as well as it once did, and has been on the slower side of price increases since the beginning of 2019, losing about one third of its Bitcoin valuation.
Despite this fact, the XRP community hasn't lost its confidence in their beloved coin. On the contrary, they see a bright future ahead for XRP.
One XRP enthusiast, going by the name Mark R. Phillips, took to Twitter to share his hopes and dreams on where he thinks XRP will be in 5 years from now.
In 5 years time, the Twitter user is convinced that XRP will be widely used by governments, banks and retail users all over the world. Ripple will be a multi-trillion company and its founders will have become the very first trillionaires in the world.
Most interestingly, people will be bragging about the fact that they bought into XRP at a $25 pice mark.
5 years in the future I see:
- used by governments, banks & retail customers worldwide
- Ripple founders become the first trillionaires
- Ripple is a -trillion company
- Ripple & XRP on the cover of Fortune, Time, WSJ, etc.
- People bragging about buying XRP at $25

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Some of his fellow XRP enthusiasts wholeheartedly agree.
Waaaaaiitingggg ... to see that last one ...
Ok, really waiting to see each one ... 😃

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Some do point out that most likely there are already a few examples of trillionaires outhere, although unknown to the masses.
I agree except the "Ripple founders being first trillionares" with quite a few already in existence. Mainstream media just focuses on the Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos when it comes to wealth, not the Rothschilds etc. XRP surely to be triple digits within the next 2-3 years 👐

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Mark clearly has many positive views on where XRP is headed in the future, and no matter the outcome of this hopeful prediction, most would agree that Ripple’s future seems bright and can be seen as an exciting project, which has the potential to become a major player in the world of payment processing.
In February the same analyst, went as far as making the outrageous claim that XRP is designed to carry a $10,000 value.
At least, there is nobody out there, which can accuse the XRP community peeps of being 'Debbie Downers'.