"When Will XRP Price Hit $1 Again?", My reply to the video of Farhan Hussain Ripple(XRP)

Ripple XRP
Good day Everyone, to every Crypto Enthusiasts or investors, 
in this post, let us reply to the question asked by Farhan Hussain in its video.
In fact, the question about 1$, because it is a key level, even talked by David Schwartz (Joel Katz), when he was asked what he would like for Christmas. 
He had replied that he would like XRP be the dollar.
1 thing is almost sure, the question is not to know if XRP will touch again 1$, but WHEN. So the question is well-formed but the reply is more complex.
If fact, love it or hate it, but the price of #XRP , like any other coins, still highly depends on the price of Bitcoin ( #BTC ) and Ethereum ( #ETH ) in a lesser extent.
XRP will hit 1$ when in two possibles scenarios :
1) Either #XRP is confirmed to be the next Leader of the Market. In that case, very quickly, XRP will hit 1$
2) Or Bitcoin and Ethereum restart a long bull trend. In that case, every "altcoins" will have a positive trend also.  
I hope that in the meantime , all the shitcoins and scams will be regulated and exited such that only serious and reliable projects stay (as Ripple XRP).
Brad Garlinghouse, repeated many times that most of the coins will disappear.
At the moment , the down trend on XRP is not finished according to many analysts (and I am among them).
Bitcoin being around 7500$, there is a real likelihood that its price return to 5500$ or at least 6000$.
So be cautious.
Thank you for watching my article, and thanks for your nice comments.

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