Understanding the Value of vCHA


vCHA is a special allocation of points that users can accumulate during the pre-launch stage of Chains.com. These points carry permanent benefits for their holder and can be acquired, for free, by completing a series of tasks related to your Chains.com profile. 


  • vCHA is a non-currency that you can accumulate by setting up a FREE account on Chains.com
  • You can earn vCHA by completing your profile information and inviting friends to the platform
  • The reward for referring a friend is 100,000 vCHA and you can invite up to 5 friends in total
  • Each 200,000 vCHA entitles you to a permanent 1% discount on the platform. You can accumulate up to 1,000,000 vCHA, for a 5% discount.

How can I get vCHA?

vCHA is a special set of points that users can accumulate before the sale of CHA, our cryptocurrency token. vCHA can be obtained by:

  1. Registering on Chains.com (100,000 upon signup, +100,000 if referred)
  2. Completing your registration by setting up your account and providing information about yourself (up to +270,000) 
  3. Inviting friends (+100,000 each)
  4. Answering daily quiz questions (up to +15,000 each) 

We aim to be transparent about how we use your’ or prospective users’ data. Read our privacy policy for more information.


What can I do with vCHA?

vCHA offers unique and never again to be available benefits for Chains early adopters. 

Each 200,000 accumulated during the pre-launch phase, is converted into a permanent 1% discount on the Chains.com platform. A maximum of 1,000,000 vCHA entitles you to a permanent 5% discount, the equivalent of staking $5000 worth of CHA!
This sitewide discount applies to both fees and token purchases. Securing the maximum number of vCHA will allow you to purchase CHA tokens at a discounted price during the public sale.

 What Else?

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We intend to hold special events and promotions for vCHA holders (did someone say NFTs?), which you may not want to miss. Most importantly, if you haven’t already – head over to Chains.com and register your account today.