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Shiba Inu Gaming Consultant William Volk Reveals Launch Date for Shiba Eternity And It’s Closer Than Expected

The wait is almost over for the official rollout of the Shiba Inu collectible card game – Shiba Eternity.

The full rollout of the long-awaited Shiba Inu card collectible game (CCG), Shiba Eternity, is around the corner. Veteran game developer William Volk confirmed this during the just-concluded 2022 Gamescom event, the world’s biggest video game conference.

Volk noted that Shiba Eternity might be rolled out globally in September 2022. 

“It will come out in September for other regions, and we’ll have a download day where we intend to get the ShibArmy to all download it,” Volk made this known during the event. 

Volk: Massive Testing Required Before Full Roll Out

According to Volk, who was named the consultant of Shiba Eternity, before Shiba Eternity is rolled out to the public, intensive testing will be conducted to ensure the game is free from technical glitches. 

“Before we do the worldwide launch, we’re going to make sure it’s fully tested, and that includes handling a volume of users playing together,” Volk said. 

The expected launch date of Shiba Eternity matches similar speculation made by Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama. 

Recall that the Shiba Inu team had rolled out Shiba Eternity for its first round of testing in Vietnam. The game received a good reception in the country as it has so far gotten more than a thousand downloads since its launch. 

The Shiba Eternity consultant stated that testing had gone relatively, with good performance and response time. 

At the time, Volk stressed the need to increase the Shiba Eternity server by 50x in order to cater to demands that may arise after it goes public. Meanwhile, during the Gamescom event, Volk disclosed that the team needed to boost the game’s server by 100x. 

Volk Shares Other Shiba Eternity Details

Aside from the launch date of Shiba Eternity, Volk also shared interesting details about the game. 

Volk noted that aside from SHIB, Shiba Eternity was also inspired by Hearthstone, a game he described as the finest collectible card game. He added that the development team wants to extend beyond the 10,000 Shiboshi characters used in the game. 

“We wanted to do it in 3D and look good on mobile as well as other devices. We tried to be clever with the cards to make them fit the world and the mythology of the Shiba world,” Volk added. 

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