KOINSWAP Airdrop with Referral Rewards Upto 5th Levels

KOINSWAP Airdrop with Referral Rewards Upto 5th Levels

Join the KOINSWAP Airdrop with 5th Level Referral Rewards

MOST Encouraging & Moment DECENTRALIZED CRYPTO Resource Trading Convention. Trade or Exchange extensive variety of crypto resources inside the space of seconds anyplace, whenever all over the planet. Get high APY and APR on your most loved crypto resource marking.

💎 Airdrop Pool2 Billion $KST Tokens

👨‍💼 Joining RewardGet 1000 $KST Coins

👨‍👩‍👦 Referral RewardUp to 5th Levels

🏆 Winners: For All Valid Participants

🔚 Airdrop End Date: August 2022

🆓 Distribution Date: End of Airdrop


🚀 KoinSwap $KST Token Referral Program! 👇

  • From Level 1️⃣ ☆ Get 400 $KST
  • From Level 2️⃣ ☆ Get 200 $KST
  • From Level 3️⃣ ☆ Get 200 $KST
  • From Level 4️⃣ ☆ Get 100 $KST
  • From Level 5️⃣ ☆ Get 100 $KST

💥 Your Earning is Unlimited 🤑

❇️ How to Join KoinSwap Airdrop with 5th Level Referral Program ❓

1️⃣ Visit "AIRDROP PAGE" & "CREATE ACCOUNT" by Filling Required Fields

2️⃣ Then Check Email (Spam also) to Verify & Login to Account Dashboard

3️⃣ Then Submit your BSC(BEP20) & USDT(TRC20) Wallet Address under "PROFILE"

4️⃣ Finally Collect Referral Link & Share to Get More RewardsUp to 5th Levels

✅ Done!

📍 Contract: "0xC3589BA9272196190De7aE9175Cfe829945426D7"

☄️ Network: Smart Chain (BEP20)

☄️ Token Name: KOINSWAP

☄️ Symbol: KST

☄️ Decimal: 18

🔹 Total Supply: 20 Billion $KST

🕵️‍♂️ How to Add $KST Custom Token into TrustWallet! 👇 

1️⃣☆ Search & Select "Add Custom Token+" in your TrustWallet

2️⃣☆ Select "Smart Chain Network".

3️⃣☆ Paste Contract Address: "0xC3589BA9272196190De7aE9175Cfe829945426D7"

🔹☆ Done!


EXPERIENCE THE Genuine Force OF DECENTRALIZED Exchanging. Exchange effectively without obstruction of incorporated monetary frameworks. Exchange, loan, get, procure and that's just the beginning, in a developing set-up of DeFi items

A Show-stopper In DeFi Prizes And Recurring, automated revenue. The KoinSwap eco system is planned from the beginning to remunerate members.

▶️ Community Prizes

To bootstrap reception of KoinSwap and reward local area individuals for their commitments to the KST environment, KoinSwap will be continously circulated to individuals.


☑️ Finish all the steps HERE to Get the Rewards

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