Amazon Launches a New Series on NFTs Dubbed ‘NFTMe’

  • Leading influencers explain NFTs and blockchain technology in the premiere.
  • In six 30-minute episodes, NFTMe introduces fifty trailblazers in the NFT space.

Artists, collectors, and professionals from all over the art world and related fields get together to discuss their personal experiences with NFTs and the beneficial effects that the fusion of art and technology has had on their everyday lives on this episode of the programme. Some of these concepts are introduced in Amazon’s new documentary series NFTMe.

In six 30-minute episodes, NFTMe introduces fifty trailblazers in the NFT space from four continents, such as American singer Susaye Greene of The Supremes, Queen Diambi Kabatusuila of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, digital artist Refik Anadol of SpaceX and NASA, music producer Peter Rafelson of Madonna’s camp, and NFT collections for the Black-Eyed Peas launched by Cheryl Douglas of Portion.

Massive Boost For the Industry

Leading influencers explain NFTs and blockchain technology in the premiere, while

Queen Diambi of the Congo explains how her people have a Web3 perspective. In the second episode, we learn about the collaborative art project between NASA and artist Refik Anadol, as well as the NFT journey that began with a request from Eminem 20 years ago.

In the following episodes, it delves into topics like the social impact of digital transformation, tokenization in the music industry, metaverse disruption, and the role of NFTs in recognizing and giving a voice to artists, as well as how brands are connecting with NFTs to learn about new audiences and generations. Episode 5 features CrossTower co-founder Kristin Boggiano dissecting the importance of regulation in maintaining the NFT industry. Such initiatives will definitely build global audiences’ interest in NFTs and give them clarity over the extent of capabilities.

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