"The fixture of cryptocurrencies"

As the World Cup in Qatar progresses the excitement around the event makes many people get into a mood of joy and passionately follow their favourite teams. 

To bring more people closer to cryptos in a simple way that connects them with the most playful part of the event we created "The fixture of cryptocurrencies" that groups the different digital currencies in groups according to their generation and thus present their similarities, advantages and disadvantages so that people begin to understand who is who in the world of digital money and little by little they can go deeper into the crypto-economy.

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Here is some data that may be useful to build your caption:

  • There are around 12 thousand cryptocurrencies but only 20 of them have 87% of the market.
  • The "leader" of group A is Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin shares space with Ethereum, Cardano and Solana which are popular but also unstable currencies, since, as the history of quotations shows, the fluctuations of all of them can be very extreme.
  • Of the so-called memecoins, Dogecoin stands out.
  • The stablecoins include the four best known ones that tie their value in parity with the dollar.
  • The new generation is led by Unicoin, which seeks to avoid extreme volatility by backing itself in assets.

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Melisa Estrada Bustamante

Ecosystem Developer

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