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The best metaverse crypto websites in 2022

Metaverses are community-driven digital worlds. What would you create on your virtual land?

Top metaverse websites are being created everyday overtaking previous top sites and showing an entirely new perspective of our online future. 

The virtual spaces are a collection of online, personal experiences that everyone and anyone can enjoy. More users are creating metaverses daily, to offer new target markets exciting and innovative experiences. 

Many Web3 projects entice collectors to purchase their NFT projects to gain access to their metaverses, to make launches a success. 

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Check out this list of the top 6 top Metaverses websites you won’t regret checking out:


Decentraland is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. The metaverse has a cryptocurrency dubbed MANA, which users use to purchase land. In addition, the metaverse has 90,000 plots, which users can work on through Decentraland’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Thanks to the DAO, the metaverse marks being the first ever virtual world owned by its users. Members vote on how this virtual world works while creating scenes, artworks, games and more—once joining Decentraland, you can use your land however you wish.

The metaverse has an open platform for anybody to join and play games to earn MANA, to entice new users to buy NFTs of LAND or collectibles. 

Businesses also use the ecosystem to host business events, like conferences and merchandise giveaways. Decentraland recently teamed up with Samsung to build a digital version of its store. 

Click here to join the Decentraland metaverse 


Axie Infinity 

Vietnamese company Sky Mavis created the Ethereum-based NFT collecting metaverse game, Axie Infinity

The metaverse consists of battling-based games, similar to all-time favorites Idle Heroes and Final Fantasy Tactics. 

To partake in the game, players can collect and mint NFTs, which are digital pets dubbed Axies. Players then use the creatures for battling and breeding on the metaverse. 

Moreover, the game runs on a play-to-earn model, meaning players can earn Ethereum-based cryptocurrency depending on the standard of their gaming performance. 

Users can also trade their Axies on Axie Infinities own marketplace for a 4.25 fee.

Click here to join the Axie Infinity metaverse

Axie Infinity


The Sandbox is another virtual world making our list of metaverse top websites. Players can own, build, and monetize their gaming and assets experiences (like real estate) on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Players can earn real-world money in exchange when selling assets on the Sandbox metaverse. 

For users to be able to join the Sandbox, they must own the necessary NFTs. For example, SAND is ERC20 tokens that power all of Sandbox’s transactions and interactions. 

In addition, the NFTs are necessary for customizing avatars required for playing games on the metaverse. 

Moreover, LAND NFTs allow players to have ownership rights for, you guessed it, land. With these tokens users can rent, host, stake and form districts. It also makes players eligible for governance activities. 

Many famous brands, like The Walking Dead, Smurfs and Atari, have partnered with the Sandbox. 

Musicians like Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg also have their fingers in the platform. Check out how The Sandbox rewarded Snoop NFT collectors $250,000. 

Click here to join The Sandbox metaverse



Developed by Roblox Corporation, Roblox is a community-driven environment that allows players to socialize while partaking in stimulating games. Since launching in 2014, the metaverse has expanded to more than 180 countries and has approximately 50 million members. 

The metaverse is free to play and join, with in-game purchases available through its very own cryptocurrency that—to prevent confusion—is also dubbed Roblox. 

For further success, Roblox partners with some of the most prominent brands, like Nike, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Vans. Each brand brings its own immersive experience to the space. 

All members, in total, have made more than 20 million games on the platform to date – check them out. 

Click here to join the Roblox metaverse 



Bollyverse is Bollywood’s foot into the NFT and metaverse world. The computer-generated environment is completely community-driven, bright, and beautiful—like Bollywood itself. 

Once acquiring the correct NFTs for access—Legend, Hero and Celeb—users can collaborate with production houses, music labels, businesses, celebrities, and animation studios to create their own digital assets in the digital world. 

The reasons include creating tales and characters for delivering community-driven games, events, movies and more. 

Whatever you bring to Bollyverse world, regardless of which Bolly Heroes NFT you purchase for access, all members receive incentives, revenue shares on new goods, and exclusive events. 

Click here to join the Bollyverse metaverse


Somnium Space

A bunch of VR enthusiasts joined forces to combine coding, engineering and financial backgrounds to create Somnium Space.

The metaverse platform allows users to connect with like-minded people. Meanwhile, creating and attending virtual spaces for concerts, conferences, sporting events and more. 

The space consists of 5,000 land pieces that are unevenly divided among plots. Of course, the bigger the plot, the more crypto needed to acquire. 

Users also use either a VR headset, PC or smartphone to explore and build on the landscape to spice things up. 

Click here to join the Somnium Space metaverse 

Dream Space

Final Thoughts: Metaverse Advantages

Creators can take full advantage of the metaverse in numerous ways. Whatever you are into—real estate, money, video games, and even Bollywood—you can use these virtual worlds to build a hub of all your favorite things and share it with your peers. 

It comes as no surprise that more companies are creating NFTs and metaverses to boost their brands – to put an innovative spin on their products to attract and communicate with new consumers.

Now, it’s time to pick which top metaverse websites is best for you! 

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