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Binance Introduces New Features for Web3-focused Social platform Binance Feed

For users to access and learn about the most recent Web3 and cryptocurrency news, as well as for creators to further engage with their community, Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem, and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, is launching new features to Binance Feed on December 22nd, 2022. Binance Feed’s most recent version brings:

  • Improved Binance Feed Web interface experience, enabling users to easily find and publish content on various devices.
  • A portion of the profile page has been completely redesigned to allow users and content producers to customize their profiles;
  • “Poll” and “emoji animations” provide a dynamic and interactive tool for community involvement.
  • The “Comment” option fosters interaction between users and content authors and encourages more people to take part in the discussion of ideas.

About one million daily active users have joined Binance Feed since it launched in October of this year, an increase of about 50% month over month. Additionally, the number of creators has increased dramatically; now, there are over 1,200 active creators on the platform. Popular cryptocurrency publication Cointelegraph already has more than 33,900 followers. With over 35,000 followers apiece, other producers like COINCU and CoinGape Media have also amassed sizable followings, accelerating the adoption of the Feed.

Web3 content producers, thought leaders, and influencers may share their knowledge, perceptions, and ideas with users on Binance Feed, which also provides news and updates. More than 400 different subjects are covered by the Binance Feed, which contains hot topics related to the crypto industry and gains knowledge from user activity. The Feed will start proposing the user material based on their interactions as soon as they begin interacting with the feed, clicking, and engaging with various pieces of information.

According to Binance Feed contributor Anndy Lian, “Binance feed gives me news on the move and at times faster than Twitter. That’s the reason why I am using it. Compared to other platforms, Binance has a more active base of users, and the feeds are more timely.”

Commenting on the updates, EljaBoom, blockchain portfolio advisor, founder and CEO of Ajoobz, notes, “I have been posting regularly on the feed. It’s easy to create content and push it onto the Feed, given there’s no learning curve. Now, the ability to leave comments and interact with others adds another valuable layer to the activity. Users can leave feedback and suggestions, helping creators like me deliver better content. It’s a win-win for all, especially for the Web3 ecosystem.”

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