Metabloqs Announces the Expected Public Launch Date on Binance Live

Metabloqs co-founder and CEO Megha Shrestha joined an AMA event with the crypto influencer tuNNCay on Binance Live on Wednesday to announce the significant updates of the metaverse project. Through this event, Megha addressed crucial queries posted by the community.  

The public launch of this XDC-based Swiss metaverse is scheduled for this Christmas week. Initially, a huge community of 300,000 users will be entering the metaverse as the “metacitizens”. Importantly, Megha announced that the most awaited metaverse land sale will begin in the first quarter of 2023. She stated that the team is focusing on incorporating enhanced features into the metaverse, efficiently preparing for the launch. 

Metabloqs successfully launched its beta version in September 2022. From then, the project aims to create a one-of-a-kind ecosystem in which users can create, own, and monetize their experiences using the utility token “BLOQS.” BLOQS Token (BLOQS) is the native token of Metabloqs which is predominantly deployed as the utility and governance token. The details of the token launch were also revealed during the live stream.

Megha Shrestha, Co-founder and CEO of Metabloqs, said:

 “For the first quarter, we have planned for the seed round and private round. We have planned the public sale or ICO for later in the quarter as it heavily depends on how the market is going to work as well.”

Along with that, they discussed the features of Metabloqs’s metaverse that come in the future such as games, and events. A brief tour into the new build was broadcasted to 16.5k viewers during the Binance Live stream as tuNNCay explored MetaParis as a metacitizen.  

Megha Shrestha emphasized that the goal of Metabloqs is to build the most trusted metaverse in the market for users, businesses, and brands alike. Various banks, educational institutions, and luxury brands are collaborating with Metabloqs. While expanding its accessibility, Metabloqs is pushing the boundaries of the digital world by creating a fully operational and sustainable metaverse economy. 

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